Nahuel (nah-well) is a half-human, half-vampire child from Chile from South America and a member of Illishiah Foxx's team. He is roughly 150 years old and lives with his biological aunt, Huilen



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Nahuel is described as young and beautiful with rich dark brown skin and eyes the color of warm teak. He also has black hair.

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[edit] Before and after BirthEdit

Joham' was a vampire living in South America, who is a Libishomen and a scientist and hated the Volturi’s ways of law and thought of a way of creating a super race of half-vampire/half-lycanthrope/half-human children. He is an incubus and seduces beautiful women, such as Pire, who was the mother of Nahuel , the childhood best friend of Hulien and the daughter of Chief Reed of the Navajo Tribe in the south, from their homes and leaves them as soon as they become pregnant. He later attempts to find the children which survive, likely a small number due to the dangers of the pregnancy. He has fathered at least four children, including Nahuel, though likely more as he does not monitor the births. He taught his daughters and sons that they were gods and that humans were animals, leading them to be remorseful. Peace ever since. Joham was then hunted down after Pire’s death and Joham wounded him fatally. He ask grandson to drink his blood to carry on the legacy of the tribe and defeat his tyrant father. The Volturi found out about this and traveled to America in order to destroy the children, but Joham sent the children away to South America with Hulien, where she was living and raising Nahuel. The Volturi killed him and burned his remains and Joham’s children went after the Volturi to avenge their father from the Volturi but they were no match for Jane and Alec’s abilities and they too were destroyed except two. Aro was then satisfied that he had one, but fate would decide the truth of it all later and a new dawn is approaching fast.

[edit] Life with HuilenEdit

Nahuel was sad about his family. He was happy to have Hulien, but thought his father should be a better person and that his mother deserved life. He also saw himself as an evil creation because his birth killed his mother.

[edit] Fatal DuskEdit

Main article: Fatal Dusk

Nahuel was recruited by Alice Cullen and Jacob Black to testify for their family. Bella had given birth to a half-human half-vampire child named Renesmee. The Volturi had recently heard of this, and believed Renesmee was an immortal child, a creation they had outlawed. The Volturi were planning to kill Renesmee and all the Cullens. Nahuel agreed to assist the Cullens.

He travelled to Forks, Washington with Alice and Jacob, arriving to late. He tells them of the prohecy of the Volturi's downfall and that he is also a half-human half-vampire, and about his father's plans. He later joined Illishiah's team of fighters and they battled the Voltuir's Juggernaughts and prevailed.

After the final confrontation with the Volturi was over, Nahuel was one of the last to leave.

Nahuel's encounter with Illishiah , the Cullens and his two brothers changed him. He sees in Edward what his father should be. He sees in Bella the life his mother should have had. He also realized, because of the fact that Bella survived giving birth to a vampire hybrid, that he isn't an evil creation, and is finally able to forgive himself for his mother's death.

Also, Nahuel seemed to have an interest in Renesmee, to Bella's disapproval. She had stated: "I don't care if she's the only half vampire/ human he isn't related to." She believed his interest to be romantic. This is never clarified, but Edward did find Bella's reaction amusing. Edward also likes the fact that Jacob might have some competition.

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