J.Hooks as Illishiah Foxx

Illishiah Foxx(ponounced Elijah) is a fictional character in the Twlight Saga Remix

Prophecy of "The Immortal Child"Edit

The number of slaveholders was small, but members of each tribe held African slaves. There were also free African Americans who lived with them. Many of these became known as Black Indians (hybrids born with the lycan gene and vampire traits). One day, the leaders of the tribes saw a vision of a hybrid children being born, a direct descendants of the The House of Foxx. They would be known as Werepires. They would 'have' powers similar to a vampire and lycanthrope, but none of their weaknesses and also have the abilities to transform into a wolf and have the many abilities a lycan has and they will be smarter than any human occur, as well). The mutants will adept at killing and detecting vampires who are evil and any other evil foes'and destroy the Volturi’s evil reign of false leadership once and for all and bring an ultimate truce/alliance between the races, creating a free society. Aro, was told of this prophecy and didn’t believe and he even 'took time to study them to see if they could learn to control themselves but, sadly they couldn't. Many covens fought to keep their children but the Volturi was not so easily defeated with Jane and Alec on their side. 'Sasha, the mother of Kate, Irina, and Tanya, created one of these beings named Vasilli, and was consequently killed by the Volturi because of the infraction--the sisters were only spared because of their complete ignorance of the situation.

Early LifeEdit

Illishiah (Illi for short) is part of the Moscogee Nation. He is Irina’s little nephew and the son of Irina’s brother Vasilli! Illishiah(taken from his father’s name and his grandmother Sasha’s) was born in a whorehouse in the Rural neighborhood of Tyler, Texas at some time in the late nineteenth century.His mother, Tanya Foxx, daughter of a Navajo Alpha, was a prostitute at Madame Creole's Brothel. When his mother experienced severe labor complications, a doctor was summoned who was in actuality Vasilli, a vampire who feasted on her during Illi's birth and killed her. However, this inadvertently passed along certain enzymes in his own body to the infant. This resulted in Illi's quasi-vampire/lycan-like abilities, including a greatly prolonged lifespan and the ability to sense supernatural creatures, as well as immunity to complete vampirism and his werewolf gene laid dormant. Brooks' fellow prostitutes drove off Vasilli before he could kill the infant as well.

Illi grew up living at Madame Creole's, and at age nine, returning home from school one December (his birthday), he saw an old man being attacked by three vampires. Illi, who grew up a major fan of Spider-man, helped the old man, who used a silver cane to kill the vampires and fight off the attackers. The man was Kenan Afari, a music artist and vampire-hunter who then moved into Madame Creole's and trained the young Illi in both music and combat. Illi was soon able to defeat many of the weak, younger vampires that he and Afari found in abundance. Illi became an Olympic-level athlete, a chart-topping artist, and a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, with an expertise in edged weapons such as knives, guns and daggers. However, Illi 's victories made him cocky. He joined a street gang, the Mad Angels, headed by a much older and more powerful vampire than any Illi had met before, named Tamia. Illi barely defeated Tamia, and, in doing so, lost his best friend Melody. However, the tragedy of the experience left Illi more determined than ever to dedicate his life to the complete extermination of vampires.

Afari himself later fell prey to Drake(Dracula), the first occurrence in an ongoing battle between Dracula and Illi. Illi slew the vampire Afari and tracked Dracula back to Europe, Asia Minor, and Asia, staking him many times, but never completely destroying him. In Japan, Illi joined Lee-Gang Strong's vampire hunters know as the Shaolin Hill Society,which included Azula, Orjiah, and Muiseenda who were hunters. Together, they killed Dracula. Dracula died, but killed all the hunters exceptIlli and Muiseenda (who eventually retired from vampire hunting). Orjiah and his icons- Hancock and Spider-Man had created a lasting impression on Illi with his use of wooden daggers to combat vampires and the black costume, leading to Illi adopting that weapon as his preferred arms and. Consumed by grief for his fallen comrades, Illi resumed his quest alone. When Illi is bitten by a spider-vampire named Kain, Illi’s blood enzymes reacted unexpectedly with Kain's unique form of vampirism to grant Illi many vampire strengths while eliminating weaknesses inherent to a vampire, most notably the to control his thirst and hunger. It was at this time that Illi assumed the unofficial title of "Immortal Child" among his ‘frienemies’. The thing that made Illi so different was he was born 60% human and the other 40% werepire.

He was taken and baptized in holy water and the council said he was the ‘golden child’ to deliver his people(the future generation of immortal children). Bella and the others arrived back in Forks and with Illi came to of his best allies- Ricko (pronounced Rico), a Quileute who was born from Artificial insemination(his father was a sperm donor was turned into a vampire) and Mickhell (pronounced Micheal), a Navajo born naturally werepire. They enrolled into Bella’s old high school during the draco crisis and ran into Jessicka Stanley, Bella’s first friend when she moved to Forks. Jessicka was now a senior and was getting ready to graduate and ran into Bella and when she saw Illi, it was just as Bella was when she met Edward for the first time!

Immortal ChildEdit

After Billy explains on how the Cullens gained the abilites of the spirit warriors and how the new covenant was formed and werepires were born, Illi goes to check himself out. He says he feels funny and he keeps loosing his powers. Carlise, Sue, Billy and Esme get together with Illi tribe leaders to discuss his birth and find out that Illi was born 'different' from the rest of the pack. He was 60% human and 40% werepire. His father was a human and his mother was a werepire. On one hunt Illi was on after he and Ricko met, they bumped into a spider-vampire named Kain. Kain bit Illi and Illi's enzymes reacted to the bite causing his werepyre genes to react. Before he was weak , but after the bite, he was unstoppable and became known to all as the 'Immortal Child'!


Illi and Jessika Stanley, Bella's first friend in Forks, had many run ins with each other. Illi at first didn't like her because she was a 'chatter box'. But as he kept looking at her while she was singing one of his songs, she became his biggest fan and the two started dating. He was skeptical to her being with him because of the danger he put her through(as Edward and Bella's relationship was) and told her, after she asked him to, that he would turn her himself, but only if she's knocking at death's door. In an explosion caused by one Aro's juggernaughts, Illi bit her and she became a hybrid. Later, Illi found out about his true heritage and met Irina, his aunt, for the first time. He was grieved at the loss of his family from the previous duel with the Volturi. Illi decided that he must go the path he was destined to go and took up his birth rights and formed a team to combat the Volturi and end it once and for all. He makes a nobel sacrifice to start everthing over anew.

Downfall Of The VolturiEdit

Nahuel did not like his father and refused to join him and his family, as he already has a family with his new mother Huilen. Nahuel was sad about his family. He was happy to have Hulien, but thought his father should be a better person and that his mother deserved life. He also saw himself as an evil creation because his birth killed his birth mother. They book a flight to Volterra where they run into a lot of drama and defeat a monstrous Caius and the twins: Alec and Jane. A vengeful Marcus leads the allied family to Aro's stronghold, seeking revenge on the Volturi leader who took from him his beloved and forced him into staying loyal to the Volturi after Ed tells him, and breaks through. It is then discovered that Aro is also a hybrid and was a descendant of Hilter and was trying to succeed Hilter’s methods to create the ‘super race’ he and his brother Joham were working on. Once he gained Joham’s knowledge he had him slaughtered. His children went to avenge his death, but died in the fray also. Jane, Alec, and Felix turn on him also after discovering his plans and join Marcus and the others us before he can escape, Aro is betrayed by his hybrid daughters Amber and Bronte (who become disillusioned with her father's extreme methods) and join with the allies. Aro uses his abilities he achieved from his victims and then makes to leave, whereupon he is confronted by Illi. After a very physical and intense fight scene, Illi finds the weak spot in Aro 's physical offenses and defenses and jams his sword beneath his chest plate shattering his medallion that he used to achieve his powers from his enemies and other around him, bypassing his chest not to slay him yet. Then Illi stabs Aro, breaking the blade in his chest and brakes it then kicks it in him to impale him deeper causing Aro to fly into many pillars and Aro, realizing the blade was soaked in holy water, forces the blade out and falls. As they fall away from each other, Aro says that he is ruined, in reference to the prophecy, and tries to leave. Illi then shoots Aro with spiked bullets, also soaked in holy water, into the false leader, finally ending his life as the bullets have an explosive device into causing Aro to burn from the inside out. With Aro dead, everything returns to normal.