The Dracos were witches that had the power to phase into wolves after they killed the head leaders to gain the abilities. However, the Olympic Tribe was formed and Elijah used the tactics he learned to reverse the spell and the witches were cursed to live as reptilian. The wolf form then was used to protect the lands from evil and they became known as spirit warriors. The dracos were defeated and some fled the Americas.

Rise of the Draco EmpireEdit

The Dracos hid themselves in Europe and Asia and plotted revenge on the ones who cursed them. They tried to take Romania, but were defeated by coven of Romania. Once the Volturi gained power, the dracos knew that this would be their oppurtunity to gain power. They masted the dragon ways and became like the werepires and started up a new race. They took over Volterra and targeted all the major locations in the world that posed a threat to them. Once, the found Seattle, the dracos launched an all out attack. Many of the people were slaughtered by the dracos newborn vamps and with the aid of Victoria, stronger race of newborn dracampyres were born. The N.O.T. formed together to combat the threat once and for all.

Downfall of the DracosEdit

Once Illi and his team joined forces with Jake and Edward and their family, the dracos were doomed. Many of the survivors of the tribes and packs were now werepires and used their new abilites to destroy the armies. A newley upgraded same and his pack of lethal werepires defeated Victoria's newborns. The members of the Volturi who escaped the cages killed off the draco gaurds and took back Volterra. Several of them returned to Seattle and slew the rest once and for all creating a short-lived alliance with the forces of good in the U.S. Once defeated, the Volturi left and life went back to normal. Carlise and his new addition bid farewell to their loved ones and moved to Canada where their new lives would begin. The remaining packs of Forks and La Push reunited and began again more civilized tribe and new way of living.