The Twilight Saga Remix is a fan fiction inspired by Twilight by Stephanie Myer. It is just a fan fiction and it can be read on J.Hooks for Woo Military Inck. is the author of the series as well as The Werewolf Journals and The Hybrid Chronicles.


The series is an alternate of the Twilight Saga. It has many similar scenarios, but also an alternate 'what if' setting in some cases. One setting is that Jacob Black and Alice Cullen are dating and the lycanthropes and vampires co-exist as apart of their treaty. Also, Polar Twilight which the same as Midnight Sun, but Alice's POV is also added to the story as after Bella's POV. The story then goes to Polar Night which tells the story mostly about Jacob and Alice's relationship and Bella becomes a something that shocks everyone once she learns the truth about her mom and dad's divorce. Ed has a new love interest and new stuff happens. It is an alternate of Forever Dawn" and has many different events which occur dealing with the Volturi and their first appearence in the story as well the life of the Quileute Tribe and its politics. It based as an alternate for New Moon with Forever Dawn events, but not all of the events in the story are the same as its predecessors. The third story is called Fatal Dusk which features the arrival of Maria and the return of Victoria and the newborn army of corrupt hybrids and other new faces enter the scene as the battle for Seattle begins. Also it is based as an alternate for Eclipse. The only difference is in this story is that Cynthia is a fraternal twin of Alice and is a the Beta(rather Omega) of Illi's team as he is the grandson of Sasha of the Denali Coven. The lasts story is called New Dawn and it is basically a story two years after the events of Fatal Dusk It has some similarities with Breaking Dawn and the Volturi are finally defeated once and for all and the Cullen's get new additions.

Midnight Sun is also a fan fiction written to finish up the story started by Stephanie Myer as other authors have written many fan fics finishing it up also. The only difference in this story is Edward's POV is allied by Bella's as a tag POV and it they tell their story years after the saga ends on how they all came to be. Also Alice's POV is evolved as well as Jacob Black's as another tag POV.


  • Vampires can transform into wolves(based on the Slavic legends).
  • Vampires can cry and have babies.
  • Shape-Shifters are lycanthopes that don't need the moon to transform.
  • Vampire bites can turn a lycan into a hybrid.
  • When the vampire feeds on a lycan or drinks the lycnas blood, they also turn hybrid.
  • The some if not most vampires bite their allies in order to save them as an alternate of death.
  • The lycans don't age.
  • The imprintee becomes attached to the imprinter.
  • The events of the Werewolf Chronicles is before the treaty with Ephraim and his pack was made. The old treaty was between the original leaders.
  • It was also before any of the other characters were present.
  • Dracos are enemies of the lycans. They are vampires that shape-shift into dragons.
  • Juggernaughts are vampire gaurdians.